Saturday, August 4, 2007

Blogging Part 2

Another application for blogging would be setting up a blog for teachers. For example, I use a curriculum called "Cognitive Tutor." The cognitive tutor curriculum is based on 60% teacher-facilitated groupwork and 40% self-paced independent student practice on the computer. Due to the relative "newness" of the curriculum and its adoption by the county in which I teach, I thought it might be helpful if teachers could post to a blog regarding questions and lesson ideas. A discussion board would be the preferred platform for this type of communication but, as it is currently unavailable within the county system, this blogging platform seems to be the next best method of communication. An e-mail list-serv would work as well but, as a teacher, my inbox is always full of countywide and schoolwide e-mails- not to mention communication from parents and students. The blog presents a forum that can be accessed as needed.

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